Yakuza 5 combat and dance off with haruka kazuma kiryuu

Yakuza 5 Features Haruka Karaoke Dance-Offs

Yakuza 5 combat and dance off with haruka kazuma kiryuuSEGA have finally given away some new combat details in Yakuza 5, including Haruka’s very own dance-off mechanic.

The latest game in the ever-growing Japanese beat-‘em-up franchise, Yakuza, which was originally exclusively male lead characters, is set to feature re-occurring female character, Haruki. as a playable character. Not only this but Yakuza 5 will have a major overhaul of the combat system, which will also integrate and blend smoothly with the transitions of the dance-offs with Haruka. tTis new battle system is said to be taken to the “next level.”

Amongst the overhaul of the combat, Yakuza 5 will feature an overhaul of the AI, as stated by SEGA,”all areas redone, including motion and enemy AI”. They added, “Battles, either fights with regular street thugs or larger fights with powerful foes, blend into the game’s adventure component seamlessly. When you’re walking around town, you may find yourself suddenly surrounded by enemies and forced into a battle right on the spot.” It sounds like the game is still retaining its traditional roots where you find yourself in random battles walking about the streets.

To juice up the battles even more, the developers may be developing a new HEAT action system, which is a cinematic Quick-Time Event special move, influenced by the environment around the player (such as tossing them over a railing or popping a TV on their head), that is built up by the more damage you inflict on enemies, and deals a tun of damage.

But where does Haruka fit into all of this? Well, she has her own battle system, a dance face-off battle system! “This takes the form of a rhythm action game set to five genres: hip hop, house, idol, jazz and rock. As you face off against rival dancers, you’ll build up a gauge. Fill this up, and you’ll be able to perform Dance Heat moves”, which would be the equivalent to the HEAT action system. “At the end of the dance battle, Haruka will be “judged” by spectators. If she wins, her “expression power,” one reflection of an idol’s ability, will rise.”

Interesting decision they have taken with Haruka.

Source: Andriasang.

Marco Prinzi