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Where Have I Been?

I’ll make this short and to the point for anyone who might still have us in their RSS feed or follow us on Twitter or something. I’ve  been recently assisting my friends over at ReadersGambit. Mostly, I just provide them with reviews. If you’re interested at all, I’ve got three reviews for games that really excited me this year that I’ll link after the jump. I’ll be back to using this site for something, but I’ve been busy with a lot. That includes a Let’s Play of Final Fantasy XIV on the Something Awful forums. Check it out if Final Fantasy or MMOs are your speed?

In any case, that’s my update. This place actually used to get a fair bit of attention (by my own metric anyway, getting over three to four digit views on some articles was super exciting!), so I hope all the old readers are doing well. Hopefully I’ll have something for here soon.

Anyway, since we’re now after the jump, here’s three really awesome releases from the year so far. Just click the title to go straight to the review. I will not shut up about them, and hopefully these reviews will express why they’re so cool and you should try them!

Nier Automata

Yakuza Kiwami

Final Fantasy XIV (Heavensward / Stormblood)

PS. I used the Editorials banner because I don’t even know what to use here and I had nothing for site news, so I guess that works.

Edit: Forgot to add a hyperlink to the Readers Gambit mention. (Double edit?)Also I said “over getting” instead of “getting over” on my comment about our views for some reason. Shut up, I’m tired. Sorry.

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