Two Trailers For Yakuza 5, Plus Japan Release Date

Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show, Sega have announced a release date for the upcoming Yakuza 5 for Japan, and brought along two exciting trailers.

Since the trailers are purely in Japanese it’s difficult to tell what is actually going in, but it’s the action that is the vocal point of the Yakuza franchise. Though what can be seen from this new instalment are lots of new features and an upgrade from previous Yakuza games such as the now seemlessly integrated battle system. But aside from the arcade-like violence you can also see baseballing, dance-offs with Haruka, even taxi driving with Kazuma and more wacky mini-games with Japanese women. You can also view alot more with the trailers below.

Expect to smash some skulls and enjoy Japanese culture on December sixth.

Source: CVG.

Marco Prinzi