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Metal Gear Solid Social Ops Header

First Metal Gear Solid Social Ops Trailer From TGS, Screenshots

Metal Gear Solid Social Ops Header

The recently Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops title, announced for iOS, has finally received a trailer revealing tactical card-game based gameplay. Accompanying the trailer are a small selection of screenshots and card images.

Details for the upcoming Social Ops are scarce, but the trailer reveals titbits of information. Players will be collecting virtual cards which we see applied in battle against various bosses from the title’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker scenarios.

Social Ops allows players to participate in events through-out the Metal Gear saga on their mobile device. The card-battle mechanic reminds me more of the Outer Ops mechanic of Peace Walker rather than the card-battle spinoff Metal Gear Ac!d.

With Outer Ops, players dispatch soldiers to combat against another unit. The feature is simulated entirely, with the only player influence being the formation and choice of units. Decisions were based upon statistical values for each soldier. I suspect this will be how the card-battles are handled in Social Ops, if the trailer is anything to go by.