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Is Notch Having Doubts About the OUYA?


Betteridge’s Law of Better Gaming: Asking the Hard-Hitting Questions Nobody Else Will

The OUYA is the upcoming video game console that has touted itself as revolutionary and “a new kind of video game console”. This messiah of gaming is already being met with a lot of criticism for a lot of reasons, but it would be frivolous to list them here. There is a good review of the console by the Verge (3.5/10), and the Something Awful forums has a thread essentially dedicated to cataloging its successes and failures in the light of the gaming media. But is it only these popular websites that are skeptical of the OUYA? Continue reading

Journalism vs. Ranting: Quality in Distress

When Anita Sarkeesian first started her kickstarter, it was like kicking a hornet’s nest. She received a lot of hate for her proposed video series named “Tropes vs. Women”. The video would look at the various tropes which depict women in a poor light and to inform the viewers of the misrepresentation of women. Gaming communities often scorned her, but she was equally praised and defended for her aim. Ultimately, the reason for both her praise and ridicule was not the content or her proposal or kickstarter specifically, but rather that she was a woman voicing her opinion.

There are few articles or videos on the internet that serve to justify the praise or contempt. That is not to say that none exist. A particularly well presented two-part video series about Sarkeesian by Cameron Rodgers is one example of the few that justify the negative attention that she has received.

Before I truly begin, I would like readers to be made aware that criticism towards Sarkeesian is not criticism towards the feminist movement within the videogame industry. Whilst it may be great that “videogame feminism” is getting the attention that it deserves, that is no reason for her to be above criticism. In fact, she owes it to feminists to ensure that she does this video series right.

Continue reading