Square Enix CEO Admits Their Cloud Gaming Service Is “Selfish”

We previously reported that Square Enix launched CoreOnline, a pay to play service in which you watch ads in order to play games for free. Turns out it was a system built from greed.

During an interview with gamesindustry.biz, Phil Rogers, the CEO and president of worldwide and European territories of the company, was asked the general idea behind this system, “In some ways it was quite a selfish but quite an obvious move initially. We looked at some of our games – we work hard on these games, on the designs and the development – and we thought that not enough people were getting the opportunity to play them. We hear about the challenges in the traditional games market and the opportunities elsewhere so very much from the outset we were wondering how we actually get more people to play. Is it price, is it flexibility on console, or are there new ways that people are playing games?”

Of course, Square Enix initially wanted to improve the experience for its users and wanting to reach the full potential of what it could offer for both business and service, “we believe in our games, we’ve had a big push to quality in terms of making richer and more entertaining experiences for some years now, so we were thinking about how to reach the full potential. We saw the emergence of cloud, we saw the emergence of browser – I think that game/business drive was meeting a technical ambition in some of the studios that we manage, in terms of ‘where are the engineering hearts and minds right now’ – that’s often the best place to start – what are the big problems that engineers are thinking about and trying to solve.”

He continues, using an example of a game that was brought to the service, and how he wanted to integrate the games into the web browser, “take Mini-Ninjas, we think it should be played by multiple millions of people and actually it’s not, it’s played by single millions of people, so how can we expose it to a broader audience. Technically how can we do that, is it possible by re-working the code? What sort of service and delivery platforms can we build around it.”

If you are willing to give up time watching ads in order to play great games then service is for you, of course, if you want to skip ads then you may pay.

Marco Prinzi

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    Well… at least they’re being honest…