Kazuo Hirai Giving Three Fingers

Sony Announcement is Firmware 5.0 Series

Kazuo Hirai Giving Three Fingers

Scheduled to be officially unveiled on February 20th, 2013; Sony is set to announce their brand new Firmware 5.0 series but are currently keeping quiet about the details.

The new firmware, simply titled “Firmware 5.0“, will bring a whole range of new features to the Firmware series. Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO of Sony, said, “It has been a while since we’ve seen a brand new Firmware release. Our team has been hard at work to deliver the best and most immersive experience so far.”

“Our team intends to re-imagine our most popular and heavily downloaded software for the next generation of gaming, which has yet to be announced.” Hirai continues, “Fans of our previous work will be happy to hear that we will not change the download gauge color. Returning users will be able to fully enjoy the authentic Firmware experience, but with a modern twist! Unfortunately, we cannot confirm what that twist will be until February 20th.”

Firmware 5.0 is rumoured to be due a July 4th release. There have also been leaks of images from UK retailer GAME advertising the release alongside exclusive “GAME Logo Wallpaper” for customers who pre-order at GAME.

(Disclaimer: This is a fake post created just for fun as part of Glitch Free Gaming‘s competition in which participants must suggest a tongue-in-cheek answer as to what Sony will announce at their 20th February conference. The winner will be rewarded with a beta code for the upcoming multiplayer game: The Showdown Effect. Readers should feel free to also participate here.)

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