Skyrim 1.7 Patch!

Skyrim concept art 1.7 patch

Bethblog today has stated that the latest 1.7 patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has now gone live for all PC users via Steam powered. Simply open Steam in online mode and it will download the free update automatically for you. For a list of bug fixes, read after the jump.

  • General memory and stability optimizations
  • Fixed crash related to new water shaders
  • Fixed rare crash related to dragon landings
  • Fixed logic error with loading screens from add-ons (Xbox 360)
  • Using vampiric grip and swimming no longer prevents swimming animation from playing afterwards
  • Improved recognition with Kinect voice commands (Xbox 360)
  • Kinect-enabled dragon language shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish work properly (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed issue with Dawnguard Kinect-enabled dragon shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish (Xbox 360)

The patch has been sent out to console manufactures (Sony and Microsoft) for approval. Console users can expect to download 1.7 within the next two weeks.

Thankfully, this patch should not conflict with the majority of user-made mods as it does not add or take away as many records as the previous patches. If you’re still feeling unsure, you can check out the official Bethsoft forums under PC technical support as to determine whether 1.7 will destroy your save game or not.

You can read further, detailed, information about patch 1.7 by clicking here.