Saving Private Sheep 2 Coming To Android

Saving Private Sheep 2 Screenshot

Publisher Bulkypix’ reveal their most successful title yet is due to be launched very soon on Android. 

Saving Private Sheep 2 Screenshot

Bulkypix, publisher for indie developers, has stated that their biggest success is due to launch on Android. The original title, Saving Private Sheep, is a puzzle game in which the player must make use of available resources to deliver a sheep to safe pasture. The title makes use of a vast number of tools to create varied gameplay through-out, from simple click-to-drop mechanics to explosives to launch alternative platforms. Failure results in the sheep falling into the hands of the enemy — a hungry wolf.

In Saving Private Sheep 2, the gameplay has been changed. The sheep now go on the offensive, using slingshot based mechanics to launch hedgehogs from comrade to comrade in an attempt to rescue your captured allies and defeat the foxes, who have no taken the wolves’ place. Like the previous title, the game features a variety of tools for the player to take advantage of, including parachutes, spider webs, peppers and even chickens.

Firing Hedgehog Sheep to Sheep

Whilst Saving Private Sheep 2 has 66 levels, the title also comes accompanied with a level editor that the videogame’s designers also use. Players may share levels with other players and rate them to more easily discover designs that have the best gameplay experience.

Whilst the launch date for the title on Android is vague, Saving Private Sheep 2 is already available on iOS and has been since early April, this year. It will retail for £0.69 in the UK.

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