Sanctum Now Available on MacOSX

Sanctum Released On Mac

Some simple news to start off this busy day, Sanctum has been made available on MacOSX through Steam.

Sanctum, developed by indie developer Coffee Stain Studios, has been ported onto the Mac platform on PC as of today. As a promotion for the re-release of the title, users will be able to purchase Sanctum with a 10% discount — this also includes downloadable content — until the 20th of August.

The title was released alongside Orcs Must Die! and Dungeon Defenders; all three titles are significant to the tower defence genre. Whilst the two aforementioned titles are third-person titles, Sanctum is a first-person shooter at the core and features a more ‘classic’ style of tower defence gameplay.

The title is available here and was released last year on Windows.

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