Rumour: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled

After recently being put into full development after six long years; it appears that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been cancelled. A source told Kotaku that it was cancelled just recently. Apparently, Square-Enix intend to keep this quiet as an announcement of this move would result in implications towards their stock prices. Of course, this only benefits the “source” and their tale as well.

The title – announced back in 2006 – was to be set in the same universe as Final Fantasy XIII, but was not intended to be a proper sequel. It was being developed by the Kingdom Hearts development team and was to be an action role-playing game. It featured day/night cycles, real-time battles, third person shooter elements, a realistic world, an expansive world map, summoned beings are unlocked through beating them, and so on. The game sounded absolutely fantastic, and it’s a great shame to hear that it’s cancelled. But… I’ll take that news with a grain of salt.

Putting aside Kotaku’s not exactly stellar reputation, the website for the title is still available. It also only recently went into full development, and we were told not so long ago to expect big news on the title. And then consider that this is a source that Kotaku consider reliable enough to deem their very own article a rumour. I’d rather wait until the Tokyo Game Show later this year before I write this title off.

At any rate, Versus has been in development during this entire console generation with no signs of being launched any time soon. I’m just hoping this ‘news’ is a case of the content being lost in translation, and we can expect this title in another version on the next-generation platforms. It is getting a bit late to produce something so ambitious on the PlayStation 3 platform after all. Fingers crossed on that one.

Edit: Apparently I was right on the ball. Square-Enix confirmed that it’s not cancelled.

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