Resident Evil 6: Trailer and Details Revealed

Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 shines new light and style in to the Resident Evil franchise with its new innovative gameplay trailer.

Resident Evil 6 is the latest entry in the RE (Resident Evil) franchise that blends action and horror in to one whole experience. Fan-favourite characters including Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong and Chris Redfield make a reunion with additional characters such as Jake Muller. Together, they will battle against the new horrifying C-virus that will narrate the movement across the world to locations such as North America, the European State of Edonia and the Chinese city of Lanshiang.

Starting with the cooperative multiplayer aspect of this game, which has inter-crossing storyline threads, both online and offline, RE6 will be introducing a new “Crossover” mechanic that players will have function to and share their horror experiences on the go. Up to four friends can join together online to tackle missions, and those of which that has the Crossover mechanic benefit greatly from. Also, upon finishing the three initial campaigns, players will unlock an all-new single player campaign featuring Ada Wong, which stars her own unique missions, gameplay and weapons that will provide answers to answered mysteries for the main story campaign.

To help bring encourage co-op play, Capcom will be launching Resident Evil.Net, a free web service designed to bring players together from around the world, where players can view real-time game stats of other people as well as your friends. There will also be events that can be participated in to win in-game prizes. Additionally, RE.Net can be used to pull data from your save game, see how well your friends are doing within a scope of criteria such as used health and wepaons and the choice to link your RE.Net account to Twitter and Facebook to receive notifications via your computer or with a smartphone.

Many new dangers await for players to fight against, and also new AI patterns and behaviours, such as zombies now having the ability to run, jump and even use weapons now, thus making it more challenging than ever before. There are also creatures only known as J’avo that can mutate damaged limbs into a variety of different forms, meaning players will need to rethink their strategy and adjust tactics according to the unpredicatble nature of these enemies.

RE6 is about new content and innovation, it introduces the Agent Hunt Mode, an online mode that lets the player experience the game from the other side. As a hunter you will join the enemy faction and become either a zombie yourself, J’avo or other C-virus mutations; which you can then invade other active players’ sessions and hunt them down. Popular Mercenaries mode will be making a return, too. A rewarding system is in place for those who play the campaign however, you can upgrade skill points for your character to improve reload speed, firepower or increase your health bar, with the Character Skill system. You can choose to do this in between the vehicle based action sequences that shift the gameplay featuring motorbikes, cars and snowmobiles.

You can expect to jump in with your friends and starting a gore-fest with these new enemies and mechanics later this year, October 2nd, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and eventually for Windows. Rated M for Mature.

Marco Prinzi