Rants and Journalists

Back when I first established this weblog, I was sick of the mainstream gaming press. It’s no secret that I despise most outlets, and it’s the entire reason I made Gaming Advance. It’s not that I expect to do better, but it’s that I aspire to do better. I expect to be called out when I do wrong, and I expect to learn from it.

I’m not a notable source for gaming. I’m small-time, and it’s because I’m small-time that I’ll get called out when I do wrong. It’s a good thing. The problem is that these big-time gaming outlets can do almost whatever they want. Sure, people like myself would call them out, but that would go absolutely nowhere; however, at the same time I feel that what they do is worth addressing all the same. Maybe I’m being silly, and maybe I have no right to call them out, but sometimes I just feel that they have no right to be a paid gaming journalist.

Today, I start a new feature. The feature will be infrequent, and new additions will only be published when I feel like it. This feature is named, “Rants and Journalists.” To put it simply, it’ll be where I can just complain about gaming journalists, or gaming in general.

So this was my introduction. I have an article ready to publish on a review that started this. It’s from a website that I sort of expect this kind of thing from, but it’s also unacceptable. That’s why I’ll address it, even if it means nothing or has no significance to anyone.

Furthermore, I’d like my readers to remember that I’m not perfect either. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve already done some things that I shouldn’t have done, as I continue to learn how this all works. Perhaps writing this series will help me realise, even more, what should not be done.

If I do something wrong, call me out on it. I’ll rectify it as best as I can. My aim is to create an outlet worth reading. An outlet without all this nonsense.

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