Preview: Catherine

Nightmare Screenshot of Catherine for Gaming Advance Preview.

As a title that has interested me for a while, Catherine hasn’t failed in keeping me entertained so far. The game seems rich in substance, with seemingly strong underlying themes behind the gameplay. In Catherine, developed by Atlus, you play as Vincent as he finds himself entangled in a mess when his long-time partner, Katherine, becomes pregnant. Meanwhile he finds himself cheating on her with the beautiful blonde Catherine.

The title itself is a puzzle platformer. The player must re-arrange various blocks to climb the tower. Whilst simple in theory, it’s designed well enough to be quite challenging and can require various different creative approaches to the task. Each stage also has a boss phase at the end, where the player must outrun the enemy who will be on the attack.
Outside of the platforming sections, the player gets to interact with NPC’s to explore their own tale to help push them to survive the nightmares in which the platforming takes place. The player may also interact with Katherine and Catherine via texts while being able to modify each sentence to affect Vincent’s attitude towards them. 
The story itself seems to feature a good sense of humour in how it handles the awkward and difficult scenarios that Vincent is put through, while developing the characters enough to like him despite his affair. There are scenes where Vincent changes how he acts based upon how you’ve approached his situation so far, but I’ve yet to experience the differences myself. 
The game is so far quite fun, and makes time fly by (a bit too fast, I might add). There’s a multiplayer component I’ve yet to try out too, but so far the game has been pretty fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing how the tale ends. 

  • Hiver

    I looked up this game and it really does look good, I specially liked the puzzle challenges

  • Vague Raconteur

    I remember hearing about this a long time ago… it sounded really edgy, really weird, but ultimately, really fun.

  • ray

    I've watched only a gameplay of this game, but i'm already impressed by the nightmarish/dreamworld atmosphere of this game. I will definitely play it one day:)

  • Corr

    I really want to play this game, though I don't have a ps3.. This game is making me consider getting a PS3 of my own, though my television is bad.

    I might have to get a new TV too. Nah.

    That aside, 'tis a wonderful game and I look forward to the review!