Possibly My Most Favourite Gaming Trailer Moment Yet

It’s such a tiny, tiny, bit of the full Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance VGA trailer, but it’s also easily the most informative part. Before this sequence, the combat could easily appear to be a dumbed down button mashing game — much like any movie licensed video game these days. But this tiny four second moment changed all of that.

The sequence suggests, to me, that the combat focuses more on “strings” than “combos”. This would mean that you can combine these “strings” in order to create your very own combos. Notice how he flawlessly attacks the soldier behind him whilst still facing forward. Would that be part of a standard combo when fighting an enemy in front of you? It’d look pretty silly if he did that without an enemy being there. That’s what I mean by generating your own combo, and that means the battle system looks to be filled with depth.

Furthermore, unlike games where you just hold the block button while waiting to be attacked, the sequence seems to imply that guarding is handled through parrying. Rather, the user must time it precisely and deflect the attack. That makes it more challenging, but more importantly, it makes it flow much nicer as you can see.

It’s really incredible just how much more informative this somewhat glossed over sequence expresses compared to the rest of the trailer; however, this is all just pure speculation. It’ll take until the demo that accompanies the Zone of the Enders HD collection before we discover what it’s capable of. But it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a third person action game with this much potential. I really can’t wait.