PlayStation Vitas Are Burning Up!

In shocking news, it appears that there have been thirty-one cases of PlayStation Vita systems burning up when plugged in to charge. In even more disturbing news, Sony have stated that they will not recall any units and claim the fault isn’t there’s. This is ludicrous! Thankfully, the Japanese government are on the case and are investigating these red hot systems!

Just in case you can’t detect sarcasm, this situation is not abnormal at all. When you look at the odds, thirty-one people out of over two million Vita adopters, it makes perfect sense. At the end of the day, there are always consumers who make silly mistakes with their hardware. In this instance, Sony are suggesting that this may be an issue of liquids near the charger slot. Given the length of time that the device has been on sale, and the incredibly low odds of this happening, it’s certainly safe to say that this is a consumer fault rather than Sony’s. 

This post was inspired by the number of trolls making complaints about Sony’s stance on recalling their handheld, just on the off chance that some individuals may believe this. Very few notable posts have pointed out the lack of this being an issue. It’s barely even news (although I’ll admit that today is a bit dry for news).

Also, whilst we’re at it, watch out for those “black spots on the screen” complaints going around. That’s normal for an OLED Screen when it’s pitch black. Although if you spot black spots on the screen during brighter scenes, I would get that inspected.

(Eurogamer – Japanese government to investigate reports of PlayStation Vitas burning up)