PlayStation Plus on Vita

The PlayStation Vita will be receiving a brand new feature this November — Sony’s PlayStation Plus service.

The service is similar to that of the PlayStation 3’s version of the service. It will offer free videogames that will be available for a limited time, replaced by other free titles. Once the user grabs the free title, it will be their’s forever, so long as they remain PlayStation Plus users. The service will also give the user discounts on various other games an downloadable content.

The service being brought to the Vita will also result in the cloud storage space being expanded to have 1GB of space. The cloud storage is a service which backs up your game save data online. The system will also update and synchronise trophies on its own at a selected time specified by the user.

Subscribing to PlayStation Plus on either PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita will result in being automatically subscribed for the other platform. Whilst they are separate, the subscription is one and the same.

There are currently no titles announced to receive the free treatment, but it is expected to be announced when the service becomes available in November.

Kurunandan Jain