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Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney 5 TGS Details

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 5 Header

Capcom announced the new Phoenix Wright game recently, so it’s only fitting that we get the full scoop on what’s new at the Tokyo Game Show. The game itself was on the stage floor for players to demo, but for those of us at home Capcom also revealed their TGS trailer.

The new instalment in the Ace Attorney series brings Phoenix Wright into a fully rendered three-dimensional world, which replicates the charm and style of its predecessors so well that it looks almost completely identical to the sprites.

The series follows the protagonist defence attorney, primarily Phoenix Wright, as he struggles in court to defend his client in a world where the defendant is guilty before proven innocent. Ace Attorney was famous for parodying real world Japan’s defence system, criticising it in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Playing as Ace Attorney should, players press the witness’ statement, and object with evidence. Ace Attorney 5 brings a new mechanic into the mix — the Heart Scope. Introduced by Kokone, the new assistant to Phoenix, the Heart Scope allows users to examine a witness’ emotions to determine a contradiction, allowing players to finally use the opposition’s reactions as evidence.

I’m already exicted for Ace Attorney 5, with the franchise returning to its roots and back on form. The title will be released exclusively on the 3DS, and Capcom have already confirmed a western release. Ace Attorney has reached pop culture status, despite being a relatively obscure title. It has still yet to receive a release date.

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