Z.H.P and Me


After listening to the most recent TGS Podcast episode and hearing Totalbiscuit’s comments about this nifty little PSP title, I couldn’t help but pick it up myself to play on my PlayStation Vita. I do not regret this whimsical purchase.

I can’t really talk much without spoiling the fantastic introduction, but the game is very self-aware. The title is very satirical, and parodies several superhero tropes. In the first five minutes alone, the Unlosing Ranger gets knocked down and is killed, but not before passing on his power to a random bystander who he leaves to fight Darkdeath Evilman – the final boss. Our new hero takes up this challenge… and dies.

The game itself plays similarly to NIS’ more famous Disgaea titles. The player moves the hero character on a grid and can carry out multiple options. Z.H.P. feels like the middle ground between a turn based and real time strategy JRPG. There are a multitude of dungeons and a unique way to level up your character whom gets stronger after every defeat. It’s a pretty cool and nifty title, and if you’re looking for a pretty fun, cheap and light hearted game to just pick up and play on your brand new Vita or your PSP, I absolutely must tell you to pick it up.

Speaking of which: PSPGo for £55 for those in the UK. If you haven’t got either system, pick this up and buy the game. You’ll be able to use the games you have on it on your Vita eventually, and all PSP games are dirt cheap on PSN now.

Expect a full review in the near future. Although that requires beating this very challenging game.

Yakuza: Dead Souls and Me

Kazuma Shaving Yakuza Dead Souls of the End

So, I received Yakuza: Dead Souls through the mail today and I’m totally loving it. For those unfamiliar with the Yakuza franchise, it’s a series that’s incredibly successful in the land of the rising sun. The series involves the Yakuza, who are the Japanese version of the Mafia, and is a very character driven game. The gameplay is a blend of action and role-playing game elements and is absolutely crazy and intense. Honestly, it’s easily one of my more favourite franchises.

The new game takes all the serious drama and development in the past few games and throws it out the window in favour of a complete (narrative) genre-shift. The setting of Kamurocho has been invaded by zombies, and the cast of incredibly badass criminals get together to fight off the zombies. This is pretty much Yakuza vs. Zombie. And it is awesome.

For the most part, the game feels relatively clunky but it’s easily adapted to. During the first stage I found myself failing to even shoot a zombie efficiently, often being attacked before I could strike them at all. After about fifteen to thirty minutes of playing, I managed to pick up on it and started finding myself headshotting, evading and blowing up zombies. It’s really fun, but I’m realising that this certainly isn’t the best title for anyone to be introduced to the franchise. Which screws up my plans.

Y’see, I planned to make this my first review (when I finished it). Now though, I’m not so sure. I’m thinking I should go back and quickly replay the third or fourth title and just review those first. Maybe I can spark interest? For those who’ve actually played the game though, I’ll write the review all the same. Maybe, just maybe, you may be interested enough in reading my opinions.

And if you’re not? Tough shit anyway.

Gaming and Me

So, welcome to this first edition of “Gaming and Me”. This is my personal blog and I intend to fill it with video game reviews, subjective articles and maybe even some news updates if they interest me enough. I’m even part of a relatively unknown Podcast.

So, obviously, I’m pretty much an unknown right now. You need to know where I’m coming from. Let’s try and get along and get to know each other, because I believe that you need to understand a person before their reviews or opinions before you can really consider their reviews. I mean, let’s be honest. If I say anything crazy like “Mass Effect 3″ was terrible, or if I say anything crazy like “Mass Effect 3 was brilliant”… all I’d insight would be rage. People don’t take to opposite opinions too well, but if they understand where a person is coming from then I feel that they’d be able to accept it or even debate it in a more orderly fashion than they would have before.

So what does this mean? Between gaming articles I’ll be posting random little articles about myself and an experience (limited to gaming) so that we can gain an understanding. Feel free to ignore those posts, but this is just to explain that they serve a purpose.

So who am I? I’m a student at a software development course that focuses on, but is not limited to, computer games development. Video games happen to be most most major hobby, although I enjoy other things as well, including physical activity. Currently, my most frequently used gaming systems are my own PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and DS (I didn’t miss out the ‘3’ part, but I am missing out on the ‘3’ part).

So, there’s a quick brief. I hope we get along.