Steam Summer Sale 4

Okay, this is getting tiring now. Remind me next time to turn my Steam Sale feature into a video feature. At any rate, let’s take an in depth look at what’s available today (yesterday…).

Serious Sam 3! The next part in the amazing Serious Sam franchise that shows First-Person Shooters how they should really play. The game is more linear than the previous outings, but it doesn’t stop the gunplay being really good. It’s an incredibly challenging game, especially in comparison to the more ‘casual’ audience targeting titles we’ve been getting lately. I heavily recommend picking up this title if you can, as the 75% discount only makes it even more worthwhile. You can view a WTF is on Serious Sam here.

Next on the bill is Saints Row the Third. This sandbox third person action game is said to be a better Grand Theft Auto than Grand Theft Auto. The game is off its head with just how crazy it is. Anyone who found Grand Theft Auto IV too serious would most likely love this game, as it delivers the experience that many gamers enjoyed from previous titles such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. While it does fall at points due to some modern conventions (turret sections are a prime example), the game still delivers a pretty enjoyable experience. I recommend picking this title up, especially at the 75% discount that it’s selling at. You can find a review here.

The Darkness II is the first title of the franchise to be released on PC, and is a first person shooter which also plays into the psychological horror genre. The game proudly features demon arms as a core game element allowing things such as quad wielding guns. That’s kinda cool. And brutal. I can’t forget brutal. It’s a fun game and it’s selling with a 75% discount, but honestly this isn’t enough to recommend it full-heartedly. While heavily reduced, the game is still double the cost of many games at that discount; although that’s because it’s relatively new. The game is good, but not completely amazing. I will suggest that you check up some extra details to see if this game is for you. You can find a review here.

Up next is The Walking Dead. Whilst my rule of thumb is to avoid purchasing games with a 40% discount or lower, this is a title that nearly made that exception – and would have had I the budget. The Walking Dead, based on the popular graphic novel and hit TV show, follows it’s own story set around the time of the outbreak. The game is developed by point and click adventure game enthusiasts Telltale Games, who do a great job at bringing alive the horror of the undead. Even just watching a video, the game felt tense, and this is one that I’m excited about picking up. I definitely suggest taking a look at the game, with the only reason to avoid it being that it could sell for far more during a later sale. The Walking Dead is an episodic game, but you will already own all five parts upon purchase. You can find the particular video I enjoyed here.

Trine 2 is a side-scrolling puzzle game developed by indie developer Frozenbyte. The game is absolutely gorgeous to look at it, and is incredibly stylish while looks really distinctive. The game is really interesting with it’s physics based puzzles and also features online and local co-op with three players, meaning even more fun should you be able to get friends to pick up the title too. It’s a fairly interesting game, and it’s already cheap let alone the 75% discount that it’s currently selling at. I definitely recommend this title. You can read a review here.

Next on our list! You can pick up Hitman: Blood Money at a 75% discount if it’s your thing, baring in mind that it’s a fairly old game. Hitman is a stealth and action game. It’s certainly worth picking up at the price it’s going for, but there isn’t much more I can say on it. I do recommend it if you can get a chance, and you can find a review here to help tie you over.

The remaining titles consist of the usual indie bundle fare that you should pick up, as it contains some strong titles, but I know there are people who like to avoid indie games too. This contains Sanctum, which alone is worth the sale. It also contains the fantastic Atom Zombie Smasher, an the very intriguing A Valley Without Wind. I recommend this bundle to everyone willing to pick it up, as it contains a good enough variety that would have something you would likely enjoy, while the sale price warrants the risk of picking up the other titles.

Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword is dirt cheap and might be worth picking up. It’s a strategy game set in a sandbox environment with quests. It’s an interesting mix of genres, and at the 75% discount it may just be worth taking the gamble and purchasing. I’d suggest this title on that premise alone, but the overall reception towards the game seems to be that it’s fairly average. You can take a look for yourself here.

Finally, our very last is Cities 2012 XL, at a 75% discount. The answer to this one is relatively simple, given reception. Avoid. We can always pick it up cheaper in another sale.

First Look @ WWE ’13

Being a big fan of wrestling since a young age, I always get excited when news comes out regarding one of the new games. WWE 13 seems to be no exception, between the reworks of the Predator Technology to the Collector’s Edition content, my inner child has a lot to look forward to with this upcoming title.

Well, the first feature that caught my eye was the Collector’s Edition Content.
As well as the game, you receive the following goodies.

  • Exclusive foil packaging featuring embossed Stone Cold Steve Austin skull.
  • Exclusive collectible art card personally autographed by Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  • Exclusive Stone Cold Steve Austin in-game attire: red skull t-shirt (circa 2001).
  • Exclusive Stone Cold Steve Austin in-game ATV ring entrance (pictured).
  • “Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time” (DVD)  (available to 360 and PS3 owners).
  • Access to WWE Hall of Famer and WWE ’13 global pre-order offer Mike Tyson playable character.

Now, I would have been happy with the in-game content, but to include the DVD that retails for £11.99 too is such a nice bonus. Especially when the Collector’s Edition would normally only have a £2-3 increase in cost.

As predicted every year, they will try their hardest to beat the previous year’s game. So far they have introduced the Predator Technology2.0, which features new animations, transitions and modified controls that will return to deliver intelligent, fluid and engaging WWE action, resulting in a smoother gameplay experience than its predecessors. Also returning are the popular WWE Universe and Career-style story mode which have now been improved to dynamically introduce matches, make alliances, rivalries and the unpredictable moments all from each decision the player makes, on the road to becoming the WWE champion.

Another new feature that I, personally, am very excited about, is the “OMG! Moments”.
OMG! Moments has a wide range of features, including: ring breaks, barricade breaks, announcer table breaks, and more interestingly, reversing mid-air finishers.

There are even more new features, including the all-new “Creation Suite”, which will allow players to finally be able to fully customize Superstars, entrances, arenas, finishing moves, storylines, highlight reels and more, as well as share them online and download the communities creations. 

So there you have it, all the information so far released, and now all here for your reading pleasure. One thing is for sure, this winter is definitely going to have some serious Attitude. The title is due for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 30th this year in the US, or November 2nd anywhere else where this will be hitting the shelves. 

First Look @ JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver.

In keeping up with the announcements for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Capcom have announced that the old JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure game released in the arcades back in 1998 will be getting a full fledged HD remake. The game, released in the west on the original PlayStation and the Dreamcast in 2000, is based on the popular Japanese graphic novel series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, as you’ll know if you keep up on any news we post. Screenshots and details after the jump.

The game is based upon the third part of the franchise, Stardust Crusade. In Stardust Crusade, various individuals obtain a spiritual power called a ‘Stand’. One such individual is Jotaro Kujo, the youngest in the line of the Joestars and grandson of the protagonist of part two, Joseph Jostar. The story follows Jotaro as he and his companions travel half the globe to battle the vampire Dio who has been locked in combat with the Joestar family for one hundred years.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. will feature a brand new multiplayer lobby where players can compete with up to eight other players. Winner plays on as each loser is replaced with someone else in the lobby. Furthermore, replays can be saved allowing players to re-live or share their best moments, whilst learning from the very best players. Fans of Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will also recognise the matchmaking system where the player may select opponents based on a multitude of factors including location and connection speed.

The game is set to launch from the PlayStation Network on August 21st for $19.99, and Xbox LIVE Arcade on August 22nd for 1600 Microsoft Points. You can view the screenshots below, and don’t worry if you don’t like the new appearance as Capcom have promised that you will be able to play in an Arcade SD Mode to enjoy the old look.

Honestly, the game seems a bit expensive for an Arcade game, but I can’t help but feel excited that I can finally get my hands on this game once more. I really like the sounds of the lobby as well. It brings us closer to having the offline multiplayer experience online.

Bargain Exchange: The Steam Hidden Summer Sales

So everyone has been getting pretty excited with the big summer sales on Steam this year, but how many people have noticed the other sales that never make it on to the main page? Well some kind person from Reddit has compiled a list of every game in the sale that you may not know about. Read about it after the jump.

Now I have highlighted games well worth the prices, and you can click each link to go to the store page, which is a bonus. Hope this helps you all get some good games at a good value.

Reddit - funnymonk15’s self.GameDeals post

Bargain Exchange: Steam Summer Sale Day 3

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim in Bargain Exchange for Steam Summer Sale

Another day; another sale. And today’s a big one. That’s right, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has gone on sale! And it’s absolutely… underwhelming. A fifty percent discount leads the game to be about £17 here in Britain. While it’s a good discount, I mean they did cut half of the price off, it’s just pretty expensive compared to anything else in the sale. That may just be me though, but I go by the rule of only buying games during Steam sales at -75%. Sometimes I pick up a title for 66% off. 50% though? I mean, if I waited this long to get the PC version I’m sure I could wait for it to get even cheaper. It just seems more like one of those special sale weekends. It’s not really that special at all.

Orcs Must Die! for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale

Anyway, without further delays, the first thing that tickles my fancy this time is Orcs Must Die! Developed by  Robot Entertainment, is an indie game involving tower defence mechanics. It launched around a similar time as the acclaimed Dungeon Defenders, which often lead to people to debate the two as to who is better. The general consensus? Orcs Must Die is usually regarded as a better tower defence game – at least for the single player campaign. Unfortunately, Orcs Must Die lacks multiplayer, but at a 75% discount, I heavily recommend this title. You can find a review here.

Borderlands Game of the Year Edition for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale

A frequent occupier of daily deals, Borderlands Game of the Year Edition is also heavily discounted at 75% off. Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K games, Borderlands is an AAA first-person shooter title that combines elements from the role-playing game genre. It looks spectacular with its use of cel shading, has a fantastic four player co-op experience, and is an all round good game. Unfortunately, the bland environment can lead to the game progressively getting tedious – especially in the single player campaign. I’ll suggest this to anyone who has friends who they can play this with, as it’s still great fun to play. And remember, if you do pick it up: make sure to grab the Game of the Year Edition. You may find a review here

Frozen Synapse for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale

Frozen Synapse is a game that many should have by this stage as a result of the Humble Bundle. For those who missed it, Frozen Synapse is a turn based strategy game developed by indie studio Mode 7. The title is on sale at a whopping 80% discount, making it incredibly cheap and an amazing bargain. The game also has a demo available for download through the Steam client, so it’s always cool to try it before you buy it. You can find a review of this award winning title here

Two Worlds II for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale.

Next up we have Two Worlds II, a role-playing game developed by Reality Pump Studios and published by Zuxxez Entertainment, is the sequel to the notorious Two Worlds – a game made famous for being terrible. Two Worlds II is a vast improvement, but still features a myriad of problems. While this would normally result to the game just being ignored and not even getting a mention here, Two Worlds II still does some neat stuff. It’s no Elder Scrolls, but it’s worth taking a look. I can’t help but feel the need to suggest that you look at it, but I’m not so confident as to just outright recommend it completely. It certainly helps that it’s discounted at 75% off. You may find a review for it here.

Dead Island for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale.

Also relatively notorious for being broken, we have Dead Island on sale at 66% off. While being pretty disappointing, especially at launch, Dead Island is an interesting action game with the same ever-so-popular role-playing game elements that seem to make their way into a vast number of games lately. Furthermore, it also followed the standard theme at the time – it was filled with zombies. To its defence, it has a good four player co-op experience and is handled fairly well minus a few hiccups. I suggest checking it out. You can find a review here

Lastly, we have Tropico 4. While being a pretty poor sequel, being that it doesn’t really add too much more, the game is certainly worth picking up should you not own the third title. Tropico 4 is a strategy and simulation game where the player may build and develop their city and land. It features social networking integration, a reasonably good campaign, and a number of natural disasters. It’s certainly a fun game, and well worth the 75% discount. Tropico 4 is a game that I recommend. Take a look at a review here.

And that’s pretty much it. Skyrim could have been reduced more (a comment that’ll probably upset a number of people), Dirt Showdown isn’t really worth much of a mention as far as I’m concerned, and the Indie Bundle this time was good, but nothing we’ve seen before. If you don’t often buy indie bundles, pick it up. Otherwise: I’d avoid the remaining three items. 

Trailer: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Announced

Out of nowhere comes the fabulous announcement trailer for a brand new Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fighting game. It looks crazy and over-the-top and just what I’d expect from a Jojo game. Seemingly characters from all eight parts will be making an appearance.

The title is based upon the Japanese graphic novel series named Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, written by Hirohiko Araki. The comic (or manga for the easily offended Japanese fanatics) is comprised of eight parts and has been going since the 80’s. Each part follows a protagonist of the Joestar bloodline whose name can be shortened into “Jojo”. The franchise itself is famous for being over-the-top, having crazy pseudo-science, and being extremely campy. It’s a franchise I hold dear to my heart. 

It’s unknown whether the title will see a western release, as the last game to be brought over was the title released on the original PlayStation. It’s being developed by CyberConnect2, the developers of the popular Naruto fighting games as well as Asura’s Wrath. All Star Battle will be a PlayStation3 exclusive title.

Bandai Namco - Official All Star Battle Website

Trailer: Deadpool Announced

Announced at the San Diego Comic-Con, it appears that High Moon Studios (the developers of a personal favourite – Transformers: War for Cybertron) have been working on a Deadpool video game. It’s pretty exciting news, as the mercenary with a mouth has yet to receive his own game. At least until now.

Deadpool is a pretty popular Marvel comic book character, finding himself ranked high in a number of notable lists. He’s an unstable lunatic with a sense of humour and incredible healing factor who happens to quite frequently break the fourth wall. The trailer also confirms that Nolan North will be reprising the role.

The trailer itself seems to reveal little else beyond the graphics style and that the game will be a third person action game. It sounds like a great set up, and I have a lot of faith in High Moon Studios. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this title.