OnLive’s Assets Acquired by New Company

OnLive Press Statement New Company

The cloud gaming service, OnLive, is now being run by a brand new company after the original was failing as a business.  

Cloud gaming service OnLive’s assets has been acquired by an affiliate of Lauder Partners, who has invested into the company. Currently OnLive will continue trading under the OnLive name. There will be no change in service what-so-ever, but they do hope that this new investment will help expand the company.

This action was taken as OnLive was failing as a business — which, in my personal opinion — was due to it being ahead of its time, with the current internet infrastructure being unable to cope with the demands of OnLive, resulting with problems such as a delay in the input for the game.

To simplify the story in what has actually happened with OnLive; the company sold all of their assets to the new company apart from the shares, and the staff, so effectively, they fired all the staff. But the new company has re-hired most the fired staff at the same wage and will give consultation roles to the employees that have not been re-hired. Once the additional funding has been finalised, the company hopes to hire some more staff from new members to former OnLive employees.

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