New Slender Game on the Way by AgentParsec

The creator of the famous Slender: The Eight Pages, Mark “AgentParsec” Hadley, has come out and announced he has teamed up with indie dev Blue Isle Studios to make a budgeted Slender game.

Known as Slender: The Arrival, this game will be a remake of Mark Hadley’s Eight Pages game, a free game he made with the Unity engine. The Arrival will be co-developed with Blue Isle Studios by ParsecProductions. The game will feature enhanced visuals, more stages and a furtherly fleshed-out story. Blue Isle Studios has this to say about The Arrival: “a bigger and better version of the game,” and is “even more terrifying than his Hadley’s original creation.”

Feeling scared? There are two released images of the game we have for you.


Marco Prinzi