New Skyrim DLC Announced

Skyrim DLC Announced

HearthfireSkyrim’s newest downloadable content, will be arriving September 4th for Xbox 360, and will allow you to build your own home and move in with your wife/husband and adopt a child.

For a measly 400 Microsoft Points you’ll be able to do just this. Skyrim adventurers will be able to purchase a plot of land and buy upgrades to improve their home using raw materials, this will eventually allow you to build rooms like kitchens, libraries and greenhouses. An enchanter’s tower can also be built as well as an alchemy’s lab, which can be used to craft items. As for outside, gardens, fish hatchery and bee hives can be made and feel free to touch up the inside rooms with furniture and cabinets.

Another cool feature is to hire a bard and the ability to have your spouse move in with you, where you can adopt your own child. But it goes a little bit far with that, those familiar with The Sims will be happy to hear that you can interact with your child such as playing games with them and generally socialising with them.

Finally, expect monster invasions, such as skeevers investing the basement of your home and giants stamping out your garden outside.

Check out the trailer for Hearthfire below, thanks to Machinima for uploading it.

Hearthfire will be made available on the Xbox 360 for 400 Points on September 4th. It is yet to be confirmed when it will be made available on either Windows PC or the PlayStation 3.

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