New Remember Me Gameplay Shows Off Innovative Combat System

Dubbed Combo Lab, a tactical system which allows the player to create and customise over fifty-thousand different variations of attacks with both advantageous and consequence effects.

Upcoming Capcom action-adventure game Remember Me has a new gameplay trailer release showing off its combat system, creative director Jean-Maxime walks us through what the player is able to do with it in the video below.

What struck me first was the low health mechanic, Dontnod Entertainment are shying away from the traditional blood on-screen with red glowing on the outside, and have exchanged it with a fitting visual glitch in which the screen becomes inflated with artefacts that you would normally see on an unfinished rendered video.

The combat itself is fast-paced and involves some tactical thought with each enemy type, not being able to button-mash your way to victory, Dortnod Entertainment have created a system in which the player theirself controls the situation of the battle through the use of Combo Lab. You are free to map any given combo button to a limited number of slots and depending on what buttons are put where, in what order, will determine the attack flow and structure when being performed. Different variations of combos are required to take down certain enemies so it will be recommended to experiment with different kinds of attacks. Not only this, but you can add effects to the combo, such as a successfully-pulled-off combo that regenerates your health some, with the downside of having that combo attack deal less damage than usual. You are free to mix and match combos and with their effects to find the one that suits you, and with over fifty-thousand different possibilities there’s much fun to be had.

Marco Prinzi