New Indie Bundle Website

A brand new website featuring various indie videogame bundles has opened up, called Hit the jump for the press release details.

The brand new indie videogame bundle website will feature a number of bundles of three titles. The goal is to collect similar indie titles together, whilst sharing unique games without any that consumers will most likely ignore.

“We focus on three things for both the developers and the players: incentive, value and consistency,” says IndieBundle. “There are no gimmicks and no “fluff” games. You get a great deal on three games you will actually play. Bundles are organized  and distilled so that each game in a bundle is unique in style but similar in genre.”

Consumers will be able to purchase bundles based on tastes without being concerned about being lumped with titles they wouldn’t want to play. The bundle will also heavily support the developers. “[Developers] aren’t giving away their hard work for pennies in return! Over 90% of the net sale goes directly to the developers of Steam games with 81% going to Desura developers.”

Sounds like it might be a website worth frequenting. I wonder, though. Is the indie bundle market becoming over saturated? Recently, I’ve been finding bundles that contain titles I already own from another bundle. Do you think Indie Bundle might solve the issues with their concise scheme? Or do you think there are still too many bundles?

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