Morrowind Re-Created with Skyrim’s Engine

Modders and fans-alike have stepped up to the challenge of re-creating the Morrowind province, which is the location set of the third Elder Scrolls game, Morrowind, by using Skyrim‘s game engine and graphics.

Morroblivion, as the name suggests, is the original total overhaul and conversion mod for the fourth Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion, in which the Morrowind province was re-made with Oblivion‘s engine. Now, a different team but with similar goals in mind, has set out to re-create Morrowind with Skyrim‘s engine; Skywind is what they are calling it. It’s still in very early development, ver. 0.6 at the current time, and can be viewed for more information and downloaded in this thread. So far, all the classes have been added but are still being linked to for each NPC, regions have been made but not yet navmeshed, Morrowind‘s music is in and finally, it contains the first quest of the game with the exclusion of NPCs.

You will, of course, need a full working (and un-modded) version of Skyrim to be able to play Skywind. If you’re wanting to keep tabs on further updates, you can search through the forum here and download any updates being released.

Hungry for screenshots? You can check out the gallery here, which contains image enhancements of Morroblivion, giving you an idea of how the conversion will look.

Marco Prinzi