More GTAV Screenshots Parachute In

Publisher Rockstar unveiled another batch of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots via Facebook.

As promised by Rockstar, another batch of screenshots have been released for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. Currently, the screenshots are only available via Rockstar Game’s Facebook page.

The screenshots captures the beauty of the countryside in GTAV. Much like the last batch, there is a common theme amongst the screenshots. The latest images are all themed after leisure, and show off someone parachuting down the countryside, a couple playing tennis and a dirt bike race. Whilst it’s safe to assume that the player can use parachutes and race, I’m unsure as to whether this is confirmation that tennis is actually playable.

The Los Santos countryside looks great, and already appears to be far more ‘eventful’ than the relatively plain countryside in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. That being said, that’s no surprise given just how well designed the open world map was in Red Dead Redemption. 

Following Computer and Video Game’s analysis of the previous set of screenshots, I could fill this up with a complex examination of how similar the bridge in the first image is to a bridge in a previous title, or how a rock formation means that the player may witness rocks during the game. Instead, I’ll spare you all the details and let you enjoy the images instead.

Grand Theft Auto V
has no current release date, but is set to launch for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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