Mass Effect 3 – Extended Cut?

commander shephard

So, it looks like Bioware caved in on demand and delivered what happens to be the middle ground. If you’re unaware, many people were dissatisfied with the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy, that many held dear to them. As a result, there was heavy fan backlash resulting in a petition for Bioware to create brand new endings. Instead of giving the fans new endings, Bioware opted to solve the main issue the fans had – coverage of what happens to the characters post-ending. That’s resulted in the Extended Cut.

Anyone here dissatisfied with the Mass Effect 3 ending? Or were they happy enough?

  • Vague Raconteur

    They shouldn't have caved in. Now every time something clever happens, a large group of idiots can say “if BioWare caved in on ME3, then these guys should cave in to!” It spells the end of creativity, when in gaming, creativity was only just starting to develop.

  • Anonymous

    They should've just made a quality ending in the first place. I feel bad for the people that actually enjoyed the series after having seen how they played off the third installment.

    I guess it could be a good thing that fans have some new hope for a better ending, but at the same time Bioware's gonna slap a $10 pricetag on another 20 minute cutscene just so people won't be so sad about saving the universe.

  • Anonymous

    The ending was badly done, yes, but I pitty everyone who let it spoil all the hours of greatness before that.