Little Update

Started work on writing my Final Fantasy XIII-2 review, so that’s expected to be online by Monday. I’ve also got my last exam coming up, so that’ll explain why I’ve not been so active on here. I chose a horrible time to start all this. Screw it, I’ll stick to it anyway!

I’ll probably start writing some news articles because, while it still requires the research (I’m not going to copy paste news articles from anywhere), it just isn’t as long and requires less effort than a full review. That, and I think it’d be interesting to touch on some gaming news. Maybe I’ll have a set day for reviews, a set day for news and a set day for impressions, but we’ll see what’s happening.

See you guys soon.

  • Vague Raconteur

    I'd say take a little break! It's a nightmare having to play through a game that big for a review with exams on the way!