Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

Keiji Inafune to be Developing Zombie Ninja Gaiden Spinoff

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

Series gets a rather typical spinoff announced at Tokyo Game Show. A trailer accompanies the announcement.

Keiji Inafune, famous for creating Mega Man and Dead Rising, has announced a collaboration between Team Ninja an Spark Unlimited. The collaboration involves the development of his latest project, a zombie game called Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

Players will take control of Yaiba, the protagonist of the title who is hunting the series’ regular protagonist, Ryu Hayabusa. Inafune confirmed that it will release on the current generation of consoles.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is also the start of a new franchise. Inafune said,”The title is both Yaiba and Ninja Gaiden Z. We’re pushing Yaiba as a new character and a new franchise, but it’s in the world of Ninja Gaiden. So we’re sure Ninja Gaiden fans will enjoy it as a game. But we are looking forward to make something new and something challenging.”

Looks like Ninja Gaiden is another franchise to jump on the zombie hunting bandwagon.

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  • Gian Carlo

    Oh man am I excited for this. I’ve been a huge fan of the Ninja Gaiden games since the original hard-as-hell 8-bit Nintendo iteration. The later one on Xbox kind of changed the style of the game but kept the difficulty nice and challenging. I wonder if they’ll be able to do this, expanding the franchise to include zombies, while retaining the original feel / spirit of the game?

    Either way, looks awesome! Can’t wait. Kudos for putting up the video!