Important News Regarding Sony

Several sources have announced significant news involving Sony. It appears, much to my surprise, that Sony wishes that the  PlayStation Vita would sell more. This is a surprise. I feel that this is important information for our readers.

This is a result of a recent slump in Vita sales — sales which were never that great to begin with — that Sony now believe to be the consequence of the lack of support; the system often lacking new releases. This doesn’t help Sony’s situation either, as their entire gaming division is currently losing profit.

Announced via their recent quarterly press release, it appears that profits have fallen from 4.1billion yen profit to 3.5billion yen lost. That’s quite the fall. Recently, all three of Sony’s prime video game hardware (PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita) have been suffering through a dry spell. Fortunately, the drought is nearly over as November often brings games pouring in. Hopefully, this will be enough to save Sony.