Heads Up: Steam Opens its Doors to Postal 2

With the recent launch of Valves’ GREENLIGHT feature for Steam, Postal 2 fires its way in.

Made by Running with Scissors, Postal 2 is a highly controversial non-linear First-Person Shooter in which you are able to kill other people in creative, simple or flatout hilarious methods.  One of these ways is to urinate on them before violently goring them.

The developers have listened to their fans, and have decided to release Postal 2 for the Steam platform, and are calling for your help. They are making use of the new feature added to Steam, named GREENLIGHT.

With GREENLIGHT, Valve now puts control in the users hands. Instead of Valve deciding what to publish on Steam, users now get to vote on what videogames they would like to see reach the platform. You can vote up for Postal 2 by visiting the webpage for more details by clicking here.

Marco Prinzi