Halo 4 Pre-Order Details, Take Your Pick

Halo 4 is launching with pre-order content exclusive to eight different retailers throughout the UK, but which stores have the best content offers?

Starting off, GAME offers a Blue Circuit Armour skin, an Arctic Weapon skin and six specialisations that are used in the Infinity Multiplayer mode.

Pre-ordering from HMV gives you the unlock code to the Locus Helmet, Purple Spartan Warrior Armour and, if only ordered directly from the store, Xbox Live Unicom Avatar Armour, which is also the only available content at Blockbuster.

Tescos will give you a t-shirt and the Black Raptor Armour skin.

Giant online retailer Amazon UK provides a triple bonus consisting of the Gold Web Armour skin, Bulletproof Emblem and Spartan Emblem. Whilst rival Play.com is offering just the Deadeye Helmet.

ShopTo has the Assassin Emblem up for grabs and Grainger Games has the downloadable Red Pulse Armour skin.

Halo 4 will be hitting store shelves in the UK on the sixth of November, it’s not too late to decide which store you think is worthwhile, or if you will buy eight different copies of the game to have the full experience.

Source: Eurogamer.

Marco Prinzi