Free Android RPG - Kingdom Royale Available Now

Free Android App RPG – Kingdom Royale, Available Now

Free Android RPG - Kingdom Royale Available Now

Leading mobile games publisher and developer GAMEVIL reveals its newest app game released on the Google Play Store, Kingdom Royale, which integrates role-playing game and defence game elements into a turn-based social war game, right on your toilet seat.

Kingdom Royale pitts you in the midst of battle, using strategy and tactics to expand your kingdom and destroy those who threat them. What makes this game fun is that the gameplay goes further than just mindless battling, you can build armies full of variety that include elves, orcs and humans. You may think about upgrading camps, which will increase the level of the troops that can be trained to learn special skills. That is, if you have the money to do so, aside from war, money can be earned economically through banks, mines and farms, where you’ll also harvest natural resources. Throughout your time conquering lands and upholding your own, you will be assigned quests to even furtherly expand your territories, which is preferred if you like to dominate over pesky bandits and rivals where you’ll collect their resources and territory for personal wealth.

Eventually though, you will need to battle, whether it be attacking or defending land. Battles are, as said, turn-based, and at the beginning of each battle the player choose what units they want to bring into battle. Of course, depending on the type of enemy you are facing, deploying the right strategy and making full use of units’ strengths and weaknesses is key for victory. Skill upgrades and troop training is one way to access a wide variety of different options in battle. Another diplomatic solution is to form alliances and make friends, extending the immersing gameplay out to other people.

Kyu Lee, head of GAMEVIL USA, describes how the game plays out, “Kingdom Royale has a little bit of everything- tactical turn-based action, territory management and a deep system of upgrades and rewards.” He is excited to have launched his game to fans, “we’re excited to launch one of our internal titles to our fans and we are sure they will find great satisfaction.”

You’re just minutes away from experiencing an immersing full-scale war, as the game is out now for free as an Android app and is available for everybody to play, more details and screenshots here. If you’re interested in this game, it’s worth checking out the team behind the game over at their website.

Marco Prinzi