final fantasy 25th anniversary discs

$450 Final Fantasy Box Set Announced

final fantasy 25th anniversary discs

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary ListingSquare-Enix has revealed an expensive box set that includes nearly all Final Fantasy games, but is it worth the 35,000 Yen?

Certainly made in mind for loyal Final Fantasy fans, it will include all Final Fantasy games up until XIII (and all its DLC and sequel of course), XIV and Dirge of Cerebus. And for you collectors out there, you will find extra goodies for your mitts to grab onto that include:

  • a “special video” that covers the entire series
  • an art book
  • two-disc soundtrack
  • a code for an item in XIV
  • a Moogle figurine.

Currently, there are no plans to bring this to the western market, and will be shipping on December 18th this year.

The box set will cost 35,000 Yen, the equivalent of $446.77 and £281.32. That’s quite steep, but it does compile a lot of content. Is that worthwhile, however?

You can see all the images of the box set here at Andriasang.

Source: gamesradar.

Marco Prinzi