Elder Scrolls Engine ‘Gamebryo’ Used in MMO

World Zero Gamebryo Screenshot

The Gamebryo engine most famously known for being used with Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim is being used for an MMO. 

Gamebase USA, which is a subsidiary of Gamebase Co. Ltd. has announced today that Shanda Interactive, the leading Chinese game developer and publisher, will be using the Gamebryo engine to develop their latest, and most unique, mass-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) named World Zero. Interestingly, this is the same game engine that is use to power The Elder Scrolls and, currently, the Fallout series. World Zero will allow you to create, manage and share entire 3D virtual worlds… sounds big.

The game opens the player up to a universe where you can make good use of robust tools and development features to create your own little world. Further social features have you making your own creations to sell, share and explore with your friends and internet pals alike, World Zero boasts a wide variety of ways to play the game, both traditional and also in which encourages the player to freely design. There are four stages of creation: martial art creation, martial art style creation, home building and world creation. With this, comes four schools of martial arts, each of which have their own special fighter’s soul, which is a system where players can get the soul of a fighter after completing tasks set by the martial art school they chose to join.

David Brame, CEO of Gamebase USA, has this to say about the Gamebryo engine, which delivers the reliability and flexibility that Shanda Interactive needed to develop such a stretch wide of imagination game: “Having worked with Shanda Interactive on past projects, we are excited to be involved in the creation of such a high profile titls as World Zero.”

Shanda Interactive is a leading Chinese game developer and publisher and was established in December 1999, with its headquarters in Shanghai. Shanda’s published and operated games include popular MMO titles such as Maple Story, AION and Ragnarok Online.

Source (title image): MMOSite.com.

Marco Prinzi