Dark Gate Launched on Android

Dark Gate released on Android

Kemco’s most recent Japanese Role-Playing Game, Dark Gate, has been launched as of August 1st. The title has been released on Android and, for a limited time, will be on sale for half price.

Dark Gate is a game that follows protagonist Leo in his journey to destroy Dark Gates — rifts in which monsters that were sealed away have been returning through. The task was assigned by a guild leader. On his journey, Leo will meet many individuals that he may not get along with, but will work together under their shared goal.

Featuring an automated battle system, the game delivers very ‘casual’ gameplay. Whilst this usually denotes a bad thing in various gaming circles, it is also far more suitable for an Android title on the go. The battles usually carry on without any player input; however, the player has a myriad of abilities available which they can select for more strategic play. Furthermore, the game features 70 classes which open up a number of options in battle. If that isn’t enough, the game has multiple endings — each ending affected by your choice of party members.

The title is available for $5.99/£5.99, but you can currently pick it up for $2.99/£2.99.