Christopher Walkenthrough and Me?!

christopher walken walkenthrough

So, browsing the internet at this fairly late time and I stumbled across a video. Who is familiar with Christopher Walken?

Yeah. This is actually a thing. It’s voiced by Jason Stephens, a Christopher Walken impressionist. He does a pretty good job. I saw this and realised that I just had to share it. I found it pretty funny, especially in Stephen’s ability to capture the nonsense that Walken would sometimes spout (such as that Chipmunk comment. That got me.)

I remember The Simpsons: Hit and Run too. I had it on my old Xbox. I enjoyed it, but I don’t know if I’d be able to go back to it. It probably wouldn’t live up to nostalgia? I’m not sure. Anyway, as usual, voice your opinions in the comments below. This includes both the Walkenthrough and Simpsons Hit and Run.

  • Anonymous

    I loved that Simpsons game! I will have to instal it now, i want to play it aggain :D

  • Anonymous

    This video was freaking hilarious!

  • Vague Raconteur

    Best game ever when I was younger, the good ol' PS2 days <3

  • Anonymous

    He should do more of those! :)