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Japanese Drama (Final Fantasy XIII-2) and Me

Final Fantasy XIII-2 X Tidus

So, I’ve only just started playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, and already it feels like I’m watching some TV drama. Being bogged down with so much coursework, I’ve had little time for gaming. That includes today, actually. Despite that, I’ve been playing it anyway, little by little.

So when I loaded up my game I was welcomed by a “Last time on Final Fantasy XIII-2″ cutscene, which chopped scenes up exactly how I expect a drama. Needless to say it’s weird. And awkward. I can’t say I’m a fan of really any TV drama, so this just gives me a weird vibe. Beyond that though, it’s actually beginning to feel more like a Final Fantasy game. Hell, it’s beginning to feel more like a game, compared to it’s predecessor. Which reminds me, I must upload my review sometime soon.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is definitely far more expansive already. Which doesn’t say much. Especially when it’s still linear as hell, within the stages. You still follow winding paths – occasionally branching out to appear to solve that linearity problem, instead only to lead to the same place and have nothing exciting between. At least that’s the case so far. Still, I’ve already started some quests, which is good, and the battle system does feel more in depth before (y’know, given that I have the option to choose a more specific approach within the classes I’m given, albeit still very little). I just wonder what Square-Enix are smoking to have rewarded me with a 200% chance of obtaining rare drops and ordinary items, only to get absolutely no spoils. What the shit?

Anyway. I’m liking it so far. But then again, I did enjoy the cesspool of shit that was Final Fantasy XIII. At least I can admit to it though. And admit to just how god awful the “game” was.