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PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita title previews.

Z.H.P and Me


After listening to the most recent TGS Podcast episode and hearing Totalbiscuit’s comments about this nifty little PSP title, I couldn’t help but pick it up myself to play on my PlayStation Vita. I do not regret this whimsical purchase.

I can’t really talk much without spoiling the fantastic introduction, but the game is very self-aware. The title is very satirical, and parodies several superhero tropes. In the first five minutes alone, the Unlosing Ranger gets knocked down and is killed, but not before passing on his power to a random bystander who he leaves to fight Darkdeath Evilman – the final boss. Our new hero takes up this challenge… and dies.

The game itself plays similarly to NIS’ more famous Disgaea titles. The player moves the hero character on a grid and can carry out multiple options. Z.H.P. feels like the middle ground between a turn based and real time strategy JRPG. There are a multitude of dungeons and a unique way to level up your character whom gets stronger after every defeat. It’s a pretty cool and nifty title, and if you’re looking for a pretty fun, cheap and light hearted game to just pick up and play on your brand new Vita or your PSP, I absolutely must tell you to pick it up.

Speaking of which: PSPGo for £55 for those in the UK. If you haven’t got either system, pick this up and buy the game. You’ll be able to use the games you have on it on your Vita eventually, and all PSP games are dirt cheap on PSN now.

Expect a full review in the near future. Although that requires beating this very challenging game.