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Resident Evil 6: Agent Hunt Trailer

In the upcoming Resident Evil 6, players will be able to invade other players’ campaigns and launch an attack on them as one of the zombies, J’avo or C-virus mutations — ultimately becoming a hunter. The Agent Hunt Trailer showcases this new game mode where players may finally join the other side in Resident Evil.

The news accompanies a press release that Capcom has released stating the details of the new game mode. Completing the main campaign for one of the characters will unlock their respective Agent Hunt campaign, where the player may hunt another player as a hunter. Should the hunter succeed in killing a player, that player will receive a game over; however, the hunter may continue on into another person’s game world. Players have the option of enabling hunters in their game.

This mode limits a player’s game world up to two separate hunters, while the agent side may be either a single player or a co-op campaign. Should one of the hunters die, they would respawn in the form of another monster.