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Gaming and Me

So, welcome to this first edition of “Gaming and Me”. This is my personal blog and I intend to fill it with video game reviews, subjective articles and maybe even some news updates if they interest me enough. I’m even part of a relatively unknown Podcast.

So, obviously, I’m pretty much an unknown right now. You need to know where I’m coming from. Let’s try and get along and get to know each other, because I believe that you need to understand a person before their reviews or opinions before you can really consider their reviews. I mean, let’s be honest. If I say anything crazy like “Mass Effect 3″ was terrible, or if I say anything crazy like “Mass Effect 3 was brilliant”… all I’d insight would be rage. People don’t take to opposite opinions too well, but if they understand where a person is coming from then I feel that they’d be able to accept it or even debate it in a more orderly fashion than they would have before.

So what does this mean? Between gaming articles I’ll be posting random little articles about myself and an experience (limited to gaming) so that we can gain an understanding. Feel free to ignore those posts, but this is just to explain that they serve a purpose.

So who am I? I’m a student at a software development course that focuses on, but is not limited to, computer games development. Video games happen to be most most major hobby, although I enjoy other things as well, including physical activity. Currently, my most frequently used gaming systems are my own PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and DS (I didn’t miss out the ‘3’ part, but I am missing out on the ‘3’ part).

So, there’s a quick brief. I hope we get along.