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A series of features in which let’s plays are reviewed.

Let’s Review: Mega64’s Final Fantasy III LP


We’re starting the Let’s Review series of Let’s Play reviews off with a bang! Up first is Mega64’s very own Final Fantasy III Screenshot Let’s Play. The Final Fantasy franchise is pretty famous in the gaming world. For many, the franchise is regarded as one of the best Japanese Role-Playing Game series ever made. In particular, Final Fantasy VII is often considered the peak of the series. It was this title that made Final Fantasy a big name here in the west, but what about the titles before it?

Well, this is where the number ordering becomes slightly more convoluted. Final Fantasy IV was known as Final Fantasy II in the west, and likewise Final Fantasy VI was known as Final Fantasy III in the west. This isn’t helped when the follow up to III in the west happened to be VII. Essentially, this means Final Fantasy III may refer to either the third or the sixth title.

At this stage, every numbered Final Fantasy game has been, eventually, released in English multiple times, with one exception. The original Final Fantasy III has only ever re-surfaced once, on the Nintendo DS. For many fans of the NES version, the DS remake was just lacking. Between the slow pacing of the battles, the ultimate classes becoming crippled, and one of the most memorable moments in the game losing most of it’s impact, Final Fantasy III for the DS was pretty shitty. So what about the original “superior” edition? That remained forever unreleased in English – at least officially. Fortunately, many fan translations of the original do exist on the internet.

In Mega64’s Let’s Play, the gaming experience is expressed fairly well. This was my own first experience with the original title, and I experienced a sense of wonder in the previously referenced scene – even in a Screenshot Let’s Play – through the Let’s Player’s portrayal. On top of sharing a rare game that, frankly, deserves far more attention that it gets instead of being forgotten in time, the Let’s Play is filled with moments of sheer comedy gold.

Before Mega64 began the Let’s Play, the users of the Something Awful forums were asked for the names of the characters. This resulted in Stalin being the hero of the tale, accompanied by the ghosts of his predecessors. And so begins Stalin’s journey in his fight against capitalism, as he fights corrupt monarchy after corrupt monarchy.

The Let’s Play also gives players a glimpse into the mechanics running in the background as he explains, in a little more depth than the game manual itself, the class system. Particularly the hidden aspect of how a character’s growth is calculated. Mega64 explains strategies fairly well, as well as expressing the reasons of his failure whenever he dies. However, unlike the most terrible kind of Let’s Player, Mega64 edits out the deaths unless they add substance to his work. Usually, the Mega64 would passively explain whether he died before, how many times he died and why, while carrying on with the dungeon in the successful run. And can I stress again just how humorous the entire Let’s Play is?

It’s honestly a brilliant Let’s Play, and anyone who has yet to experience Final Fantasy III in it’s original form should read through this. It’s an absolute classic.

Let’s Solo Final Fantasy III (Because I’m Insane) by Mega64 

Tommy Wi-Show

Tommy Wiseau Tommy Wi-Show

Honestly, I’ve been putting this off for a couple of days because I’ve been hesitant about posting this, but I’ll get to that in a minute. I’m going to answer a simple question that you probably didn’t ask: “Who is Tommy Wiseau?”

Tommy Wiseau is an actor, director, screenwriter, and everything else (think YouTube videos where the kids in their bedrooms even take credit for their light being switched on). One would think he had talent considering the multitude of roles that he partakes one. It’s easy to be mistaken, but it’s actually also kind of true that he does have talent. He’s the right amount of bad for comedy gold. Where did this happen? The Room. If you’ve not seen The Room, I highly recommend it. It’s pretty damn funny.

But now back to the subject. Last year, Tommy Wiseau released a new show involving video games. This was named Tommy Wi-Show, and it was part review, part comedy, part whatever the hell you can call it. What I can tell you is that it wasn’t good. But that’s a given with Tommy Wiseau. That makes it funny, right? Wrong. Unless you’re some douchy hipster wanna be kid who idolizes the man, there’s nothing good about this show. And that’s what’s heavily disappointing.

In the Tommy Wi-Show. Wiseau plays himself, or “TW”. Every week (or every month once the show lost user interest until it’s demise), TW would be transported to an alien world to play video games. He would be scored by a particularly annoying (see “forced” to try and be evil, but unaware of it’s morality and opens it’s heart) alien. Every week (or month, whatever), TW had to play a new game. Each episode would attempt to be witty, but in a subtle manner. This often failed miserably, but I could see what they were at least trying to do. Or maybe that was me looking too much into it, because surely something couldn’t be this bad?

So far, it sounds like something Wiseau would do. It sounds like a terrible setup, but maybe it could be funny? I thought so too. It’s why I tuned into it. The lack of humour stems from the fact that Wiseau now knows he’s awful. He’s become self-aware and that’s what leads to him killing any form of humour that can be found in his works. Instead of being hilariously bad, he tries to act it instead. And, if The Room taught us anything then that would be that the man just plain can’t act. There’s nothing genuinely funny, because it’s so blatantly forced. When you’re aware of what made you popular, and try to be so bad that it’s good to recapture it, it just doesn’t work. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t.

Wiseau falls flat on his face, bad. Now, why was I hesitant about posting this? Because I’m going to share the video, and the video generates him money. Here it is anyway.

Christopher Walkenthrough and Me?!

christopher walken walkenthrough

So, browsing the internet at this fairly late time and I stumbled across a video. Who is familiar with Christopher Walken?

Yeah. This is actually a thing. It’s voiced by Jason Stephens, a Christopher Walken impressionist. He does a pretty good job. I saw this and realised that I just had to share it. I found it pretty funny, especially in Stephen’s ability to capture the nonsense that Walken would sometimes spout (such as that Chipmunk comment. That got me.)

I remember The Simpsons: Hit and Run too. I had it on my old Xbox. I enjoyed it, but I don’t know if I’d be able to go back to it. It probably wouldn’t live up to nostalgia? I’m not sure. Anyway, as usual, voice your opinions in the comments below. This includes both the Walkenthrough and Simpsons Hit and Run.