Brand New PS3 Model?

New PlayStation 3 Model at 16GB, 250GB and 500GB

Images of a brand new PlayStation 3 model have been uploaded on a Portuguese website named Tecnoblog. The new models come in three flavours. We have the 16GB version, 250GB version and 500GB version. This will be the fourth series of PlayStation 3 releases, and appear to be currently available in black. It is unknown whether they will be released in alternative colours.

Alternative image views of the new PlayStation 3 model

It currently doesn’t look too appealing to me, but then this might still just be an early prototype. If anything, however, it does remind me of the most recent PlayStation Portable release which looked like it had been put together with glue and tape. I can’t see anything for the discs to slide in either, so perhaps the ridged section on the front of the body is where we’ll place our discs? 

It currently looks like a budget build, but it will also feature the largest hard drive capacity of any PlayStation system sold at retail to date. What do you guys think of this one? I personally can’t see myself gaming on this one.

It’s near the end of this console generation, and while Microsoft will be releasing a relatively nice looking Halo 4 skinned Xbox 360, Sony may be releasing this ugly looking device. It is rumoured that it will be announced formally at Gamescom next month.