bitComposer Games Announce Chaos Chronicles

Chaos Chronicles Announced

Publisher bitComposer announces classic styled turn-based role-playing game for launch in 2013 for Windows, titled Chaos Chronicles.

A brand new turn-based role-playing game has been announced by bitComposer Games. The title, Chaos Chronicles, is of classic design and is to marry the nostalgic classic RPG characteristics with modern, high detail graphics. Developed by Coreplay, the title is expected to have a gripping atmosphere and sophisticated gameplay that will attract experienced players of the genre, as well as bringing new players into the mix.

Set two hundred years after the undead ravished the land of humans, elves and dwarves, the player forms  a party of adventurers eager to join the rebuilding of civilisation on the main land, as survivors were forced to retreat to a secluded island.

I must say, I’m already quite interested in this title. It’s always nice having some brand new videogames in classic genres that don’t get as much attention any more. Even just the screenshots made me feel nostalgic.

Chaos Chornicles is expected to launch for Windows in 2013. The press release announcing the title was also accompanied by screenshots, which you may view here.

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