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I’m starting up a new (currently irregular) feature today – The Bargain Exchange! Here we will be looking at any fantastic offers or bundles going on the internet, and what better way to start this feature than with the latest Indie Royale Bundle. We’re going to be taking a brief look at the Summer Bundle currently available for purchase over at the Indie Royale website.

The Indie Royale is a webpage put together by the founders of Desura, a digital distribution client for gamers similar to Steam, and is the location of a number of great bundles which feature heavily discounted indie video games. This is their seventeenth bundle release and also happens to be their biggest yet as it currently sports nine titles.

The first title is the real-time strategy game published by Oxeye Game Studio, named Harvest: Massive Encounter. Coming second place in the Swedish Game Awards in 2007, the title involves the player attempting to harvest materials from the planet while fending off an alien attack. This game will be available for Desura, Steam and will also be downloadable completely DRM free. It may also be played on Windows, Mac and Linux, so it’s certainly portable!

Our second title is The Journey Down: Chapter One, is an episodic adventure game developed by Skygoblin, available for Linux, Mac and Windows via DRM free download or Desura. Bwana and Kito are falling behind on bills as they work at a run-down gas station before they find themselves hunting a lost journal that leads to the sercret Underland. The other chapters have yet to be released.

Serious Sam 2 is the third title and should need little introduction, but for those unaware of it – Serious Sam 2 is a fantastic arcade-esque first person shooter developed by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital. Unfortunately, it lacks the portability of the previous two titles being that it remains available only on Steam for Windows, but it’s absolutely worth getting.

Next on our list are the three Gundemonium Collection titles developed by Rockin’ Android and featuring particularly fantastic soundtracks and crazy side-scrolling bullet hell styled gameplay. The games are all available for Steam, Desura and DRM free download, exclusively for Windows. Set in an alternative history during the 18th century, humanity is at war with hell as a result of experimentation with Alchemy. Each game has it’s own quirks, and serves to continue the storyline but deliver an alternative experience to your chaotic shooting.

Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition is another computer game that anime fans will appreciate the graphical style of. Suguri X-Edition is a curious blend of both bullet hell shooters and fighting games, also developed by Rockin’ Android and is available on Windows for Desura, Steam and is also available for a DRM free download.

Dino Run SE is the Special Edition of the platformer and flash game, ‘Dino Run’, developed by pixeljam. The game involves the player assuming the role of a dinosaur as you must outrun your death in a game that looks like it’s from the Atari age for that retro feeling. This title is available on the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms for Desura or DRM free download.

Lastly, we have the action-strategy game Airmech by Carbon Games, featuring transformable robots. Although the game is free-to-play for Chrome, this title serves as a bonus in the Summer Bundle. Anyone who purchases the Summer Bundle will get the beta key for this game on Steam. It is also available for download and through Desura.

So there we have it, the Summer Bundle. There are certainly a number of gems in there, but be quick! The earlier you purchase the bundle, the cheaper it will be. Of course, if you’re lucky, maybe someone will pay a large sum resulting in the price dropping.

Indie Royale - Summer Bundle

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    I love you so much man, rely on you for every indie bundle update xD 90% of the games I own on steam are because you announced about them <3