Bargain Exchange: Steam Summer Sale Day 9

I missed a day, but that’s okay. The Steam sale is getting to a stage where the only things going on sale have already been on sale during the flash sales. Some of them have even been the community’s choice as well. The Witcher franchise was on sale, the Fallout franchise was on sale, and Alan Wake was on sale. These were the best items and only ones I would have considered yesterday. Now, let’s move on to today.

Our first title is Civilization V, a turn-based strategy game. This is the latest in a very popular PC gaming franchise, and a must have. The game focuses on building a Civilization from all sorts of eras – from the very beginning of mankind’s history to the space age, our future. If that’s not enough, the title has a 75% discount. You can read a review here. Of course, it’s not only this title that’s available. If your machine isn’t capable of running Civilization V, try picking up the third or fourth title, as they’re also on sale with Civilization V. The fan favourite is widely considered to be the fourth title.

Similar to previous daily deal title ‘Orcs Must Die!’ we have Dungeon Defenders, another tower defence game. While I did bring up Orcs Must Die! as a superior single player experience, Dungeon Defenders really shines with its multiplayer. The game features multiple classes, a large variety of tiered equipment, character progression, and loot which makes for a compelling co-op experience. Up to four players can participate together. The game is a must have for anyone who enjoys playing with friends, and the 75% discount gives you little excuse not to pick it up. Here is a review.

Another indie title stealing the highlight; we have Magicka on sale with a 75% discount, making it one cheap computer game. Magicka brings with it to the table an incredible system where players can discover their own spells by mixing elements and methods of casting. It has an insane variety and is an absolute blast. One downside is that the game is pretty glitchy at times and requires a lot more power than it should to run, but it’s an absolutely fantastic experience. If it weren’t for the issues, it’d be a must have. Instead, I’ll recommend it to you. Take a look at a review here.

The Deus Ex franchise returns in the form of Deus Ex Human Revolution. This title is an action role-playing game. It’s a pretty nice looking game, and particularly well developed. Unfortunately, it’s held back by its poor bosses and locked content for downloadable content. The game is on sale with a 75% discount, as we’ve come to expect from Steam sales, and I totally recommend you pick it up. To help your decision, here‘s a review.

For some reason, whilst Driver San Francisco was well received by critics, it was pretty poorly received by the common gamer. I genuinely don’t understand this, because the experience I had with this title was incredible fun. Driver San Francisco ditches reality to make a game that’s ultimately focused entirely around having a good time. It’s whacky at times, but this just adds to its charm. Honestly, especially as a result of that 75% discount, I have to recommend that you give this game a shot. You can watch a WTF is on Driver here. And here‘s a review for the extra push.

The entire Crysis franchise has a 70% discount and the series is widely regarded as a must have for PC gamers. This seems to be particularly focused on the sheer power behind its graphics as it is absolutely beautiful – especially the first title. I must say that I’m not a fan, however. The first game felt a bit weak, despite the stellar reception the game received. The series is good, but at the end of the day it’s another first person shooter. If you’re really into that, then I recommend this title, but it isn’t enough for me to get excited. You can read a review of the most first title here, Crysis Warhead here, and Crysis 2 here.

Lastly we have the ninth indie bundle, and it’s a brilliant one. Every single game is a hit, and with the 75% discount, this bundle is an absolute must have. My personal favourite here is Jamestown, a bullet-hell styled arcade shooter set in an alternative history where we’re attacked by aliens in one of the British colonies… on Mars. It’s colourful, beautiful, stylish, fast paced, and incredibly fun – and that’s just one of the titles in this bundle. Seriously, purchase this bundle.

And that pretty much wraps up today’s deals. F3AR is a major disappointment and not worth talking about, and Red Orchestra was a poorly received and buggy messy. In all fairness, you could do worse than these two games. Red Orchestra apparently runs far better now; but I hear F3AR is still a bad game. In any case, I’d consider F3AR a solid avoid, whilst Red Orchestra is one to contemplate. I’m personally still avoiding it though.