Bargain Exchange: Steam Summer Sale Day 7

The sale is starting to lose a bit of steam for many people at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good titles available! Let’s take a look at Today’s Deals!

Yesterday’s Grand Theft Auto bundle isn’t the only fantastic bundle to make the daily deals. The Total War mega pack has a great 75% discount which makes every Total War title on Steam (excluding Shogun 2) very accessible to those with a budget. The Total War franchise, developed by Creative Assembly, is an amazing Real-Time Strategy developer. Now, if you can only pick up one title from the bundle, I heavily recommend getting Medieval II. At any rate, this bundle is a must have. 
L.A.Noire is a really interesting and relatively unique game. I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and with a 75% discount on both the game itself and the complete edition I also consider this game a must have. It could do a number of things better, and the world feels very empty, but with its really interesting story and intriguing gameplay, it’s really worth checking out. You can read a review here
Stalker is a PC gamer favourite. It combines survival and role-playing game elements with a first-person shooter. The game is notorious for the learning curve and not being casual friendly, but it’s a must have for any PC gamer – especially with the 75% discount on the bundle. In particular, you can’t go wrong by picking up the first ever STALKER: Shadow of Chernoybl, which is actually set this year! 
The Carpe Fulgur collection contains all of Carpe Fulgur’s titles released on Steam so far. Each game uses anime-esque graphics. The bundle itself has a 75% discount applied to it, but I wouldn’t bother with the bundle anyway. Instead, pick up Fortune Summoners and Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale. Both games are better than 2011’s Chantelise – A Tale of Two Sisters. Both games are fairly interesting and deliver a pretty unique experience for Japanese Role-Playing Games. I’d recommend them if you’re into the genre.
The Sins of a Solar Empire series is on sale, with Trinity receiving a 75% discount and the more recent Rebellion receiving a 25% discount. And I almost want to suggest you pick up Rebellion despite the low discount. These games are brilliant sci-fi strategy games, and I’d consider Trinity a must have if you’re a fan of strategy games. It looks great, feels great and plays great. Definitely pick it up. You can read a review here
A brilliant platformer up next. Super Meat Boy is a really tight and well designed platformer that, while a bit floaty, delivers an exciting and somewhat anger inducing experience. It’s one of those challenging games that’s out to get you, but unlike shallow and cheap games like ‘I Wanna Be The Guy’, with Super Meat Boy the blame rests entirely in your hands. The game is cheap, especially thanks to the 75% discount. If you’re a platformer fan then I heavily recommend this title. You can read a review here
Thief is a stealth and action franchise, as the name suggests. The games are quite old, particularly the original one that is rendered in the really early 3D style similar to Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. They’re pretty good games, all reaching a high metacritic rating. The bundle itself is pretty inexpensive, not entirely as a result of the 75% discount.  I definitely suggest you take a look at the bundle, and if you have to pick up just one: grab Thief: Deadly Shadows. 
That’ll do me I think. The indie bundle contains some great games, but they don’t really excite me. Meanwhile, Age of Empires Online is a free-to-play title anyway. It’s not astounding, but feel free to try it. It’s free after all.