Bargain Exchange: Steam Summer Sale Day 5

That’s us halfway through the sale! Have you picked up much yet? I’m surprised that my low budget has survived this long, but we’ve only hit the halfway mark. I’m also halfway through my budget. Looks like I could be in a spot of bother. Anyway, let’s take a look at Today’s Deals.

First title I’m going to touch on is the incredibly well received Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Set long, long before the movie series, Knights of the Old Republic stays faithful to Star Wars lore as well as developing its own. It’s highly regarded amongst Star Wars fans and gamers alike. The game itself is a role-playing game developed by Bioware and released in 2003, so you can expect that classic Bioware flavour to the game. With the 75% discount, I heavily recommend picking this title up. You can’t go wrong at that price. You can read a review here.

Metro 2033, developed by 4A Games and published by THQ, is an atmospheric first-person shooter. Selling with a 75% discount and already being a relatively cheap game outside of sales, Metro 2033 is an incredible bargain for the budget gamer. The only draw is that it’s an incredibly linear game, but it doesn’t change that it’s a gem worth picking up. Especially at that price. I recommend grabbing yourself a copy. You can read a review here.

RAGE is a first person shooter that also follows the post-apocalyptic theme much like Metro 2033, with a rather unusual 67% discount. Set in a wasteland, there are plenty of quests to get involved in as humanity tries to rebuild as you play in an open world environment, complete with third person vehicles. The game itself seems to throw in everything that was popular for the past few years: guns, post-apocalyptic world, mutants, corrupt political movements, first person gameplay and an open world environment. I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing, because you’re left with a game comprising of what gamers like to see. If you’re not sick of any of that, I suggest picking this title up too. You may watch the WTF is on RAGE here.

The entire Assassin’s Creed franchise is on sale right now, mostly at a 75% discount. The only exception is Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. That’s fine, because you should avoid Revelations. It’s not worth the price. I can, however, say that the rest of the franchise is worth the price including Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. The Assassin’s Creed franchise is a pretty great series of games with a unique and interesting conspiracy plot, well developed action elements and a decent stab at stealth. While it leaves room for improvement, it does deliver a pretty fun experience over all. My honest advice? I recommend purchasing Assassin’s Creed: Director’s Cut, Assassin’s Creed 2 Deluxe, and Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood separately. Don’t waste your money on the bundle. And for those who may only pick up one, get Assassin’s Creed 2. You may find a review on each title by clicking their name.

Men of War is predominantly a World War II real-time strategy series, but the Vietnam spinoff reaches into Vietnamese territory. The Men of War franchise are great RTS games that aim to be realistic. With the bundle selling with a 75% discount, I recommend picking that up instead of any of the single titles, as it isn’t that much more expensive than the high liner. You can read a review of the original here.

Age of Empires is a fantastic real-time strategy franchise; however, the third has aged poorly and isn’t anywhere near as great as the second title. Even with the 75% discount, I would suggest that you avoid this title and pick up its predecessors. While the game looks great and it’s not that bad, you can get a much better deal elsewhere. You may also read a review here.

A bit of a controversial game up next. Dear Esther has been the centre of debate as to what defines a video game. Dear Esther is more or less scenery with a strong soundtrack and interesting narration. It strikes me as more of a narrated virtual tour than a video game, but I digress. For those into experimental titles or willing to give such a game a chance, I suggest you take it out. But otherwise, it’s a solid avoid. Don’t expect much ‘play time’ either. You can read a review here. It’s for some, but not everyone.

Personal favourite of the hidden summer sale, Audiosurf makes an appearance in the fifth indie bundle. Accompanying Audiosurf is Ys: The Oathin Felghana, Gemini Rue, Greed Corp and The Tiny Bang Story making for a very solid recommend. This is a pretty brilliant bundle, and each title is worth the current price (given a 75% discount). Take a gamble and help the indie industry, there’s certainly a title in here for everyone. Promise.