Bargain Exchange: Steam Summer Sale Day 2

Steam Logo for Steam Summer Sale Bargain Exchange feature.

Where’s my next Steam Summer Sale post? It’s nearly day three and I’ve still to get Gaming Advance’s sale guide! What can I do?! Well, have no fear, for Today’s Deals continue on until mid-day tomorrow. The reason for the delay in this post is, frankly, my lack of enthusiasm for the titles on sale today. Let’s take a look.

Sonic Generations Header from Steam for Bargain Exchange

To start us off, Sonic Generations by SEGA is on sale at a -66% discount. Considering the PC version (and superior version might I add) was cheaper, this is a pretty good discount. In all honesty, this is probably my most favourite Sonic game for the past two decades. Considering his reputation, that wouldn’t be too hard, but Sonic Generations was an absolutely fantastic and fun title that even manages to resolve the issues many had with 3D Sonic. This is one that I recommend. You can view Totalbiscuit’s WTF is Sonic Generations here.

Binding of Isaac logo for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale

Next up, we have The Binding of Isaac. Whilst being a relatively creepy game – maybe the creepiest since I started gaming – with extremely dark religious themes, The Binding of Isaac is a great Adventure game of similar style to the original Legend of Zelda game.  It’s already incredibly cheap, and so the -75% discount makes this worth picking up even just to give the game a try. I will add, however, that the game may be too much for some people. A review can be found here. This is another title that I recommend.

Payday the Heist Logo for Bargain Exchange on Gaming Advance

Gaming fans of the co-op experience may want to pick up Payday The Heist, developed by OVERKILL software, with its 75% discount. Players group together to rob from a bank and escape. The whole experience is said to be similar to Left4Dead. Whilst I don’t have the game, I do hear a lot of great things about it. If that type of experience interests you, it’s a title that I recommend. You can find a review here.

SpaceMarine logo for Steam Summer Sale on Bargain Exchange feature

Coming to the end of the best of the offers, Warhammer 40k: SpaceMarine is heavily discounted at 75% off.  The game itself is fairly competent, albeit extremely linear. The combat works out pretty well, as does the melee; however fans of the lore may find the occasional problem. I did enjoy this game, but I find it hard to go back and finish it. That being said, at the price it’s going for I would say that it is worth picking up. It does a good job at making you feel strong and invincible, and it can be a blast. You can find the WTF is SpaceMarine here. I suggest this title, should you enjoy third person shooters.

Lastly, we have Tribes: Ascend. I know, I know. Tribes: Ascend by Hi-Rez Studios is a freemium game, meaning that it’s a free PC download. The developers are funded solely by micro-transactions. The starter pack is available for a 75% discount and delivers bonuses that I heavily recommend anyone adopting the game to purchase. It’s always nice to tip the developers, as well. Tribes: Ascend is an absolutely brilliant first-person shooter that is widely regarded as the best PC FPS game currently on the market. It’s the best game on offer today. If you’re a PC gamer (and I’d assume you are if you are reading this), you must have Tribes: Ascend. It takes FPS gaming on the PC to a new level. You can find a review here.

As for what remains, most of them are good titles. I do suggest that you wait for another sale to pick them up, as they are not discounted enough to be worthwhile picking up in a Steam sale.You’ll undoubtedly see them even more heavily discounted in six months time during the winter sale. If you haven’t picked them up by now, then there’s no harm in waiting that little bit longer, is there?